Compelling interview with Maggie about the various aspects of divorce.

The Rev. Lorena Smith brought her blithe spirit to the Dairy Lunch, along with copies of her autobiography, "From Chaos to Castles: Reassembling After Divorce," and her CD of original music, "From Within." The mother of five and a masterful juggler of time, Lorena is interim minister for Unity of Salem Church and its former music director. Her life's journey includes a medical trauma following childbirth that gave rise to a transformational period of self discovery. "I was living someone else's life and I fell apart," she said. The person she became in pulling it back together is a healer, a helper and, to many, an inspiration.

Nice interview with Chaz about the grief aspects of divorce.

Fun interview with Jahdaa, featuring some of my songs as well.

Interview with Bonnie Graham and co-guest Janice Walker.

"You are a great wordsmith.... Compact, concise and so relationship renewing.  There are many insightful reminders and examples of why we, as humans, walk this earth. This will be a best seller; I know this because I could not stop reading it until I finished it!  Thank you for opening up your life, heart and aches and sharing them with all to see and learn from."  -D

"From Chaos to Castles has given me a lot to think about. Whether you're married or divorced, Lorena invites you to look at your inner self....the one you put aside for everyone else. Somewhere along the line we all tend to lose ourselves in the midst of family, raising children, working, friends, and the list goes on.  We know there is an inner us waiting for our attention, but we often keep putting that voice on hold. Lorena is funny, brilliant, and I was swept into her personal accounts and revelations, which made me stop and think. Her writing style is like having a conversation with a friend, which then encourages you to find your friend within." - P. Roller

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