Severe hurricanes. Massive flooding. Consuming forest fires. Threats of nuclear bombs. Conflict with world leaders/governments. If one is not careful, it's easy to feel like everything is going to hell in a the old saying goes.

And I'm due to leave on a wonderful vacation with girlfriends to Cancun on Saturday. This is a trip that has been a long time in coming and I'm so excited! I've never been on a vacation like this. At the same time, though, I notice a bit of guilt wanting to creep in. How dare I experience something so joyful when there are many experiencing such pain. And yet I'm certain that last year, at the exact moment I was receiving my very jolting and scary diagnosis, someone somewhere was experiencing a magnificent dream come true or receiving the most amazing news. Does one make make the other less valid or important? No. It's paradox and it's the way the world works. Two opposites can, and often do, simultaneously exist.

"I have good news, bad news, and weird news. Which do you want first?”

Well obviously, I want the good news first, right?! But apparently that is not the common response, based on the expression moving across the doctor’s face. After the fact, I pondered this, as I do with any conversation, especially if I’m trying to stay in my head so I can keep control of my emotions. In the past I would’ve wanted the bad news first, to get it over with, so I could end on a high note. I now know, that if I start with something pleasant, it allows me to shift into a sense of gratitude, which then pre-paves a more positive way for whatever is to come. As a result, I seem to be more equipped emotionally to handle the “bad” and the weird.

"Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense." -Helen Rowland

I came across this quote earlier today and marvel at the insightful nature of Helen Rowland, an American journalist and humorist born in the late 1800s. While I imagine she is describing the process of falling in love with a specific person, it also feels applicable to life in general.

With a grateful heart.... I have been chosen to open for Caroline Myss
this Friday night!

Wow. What an honor! Thank you to each of you for your love and support, and for walking this journey with me.

Well this has been quite the for the record books I would say! Who knew I'd be able to have such a wide range of experience all in just a matter of days.

It began with the news that I had been chosen as one of the seven to audition for the privilege of being the opening speaker at Caroline Myss' event on the 31st! WOWEE! What an honor!

Monday held a one-on-one session with a Shaman from Peru, and later that afternoon the start of the first dance class I can ever remember taking. Mom and I are trying our hand (well, our feet really) at clogging. So far so good!


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