"Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense." -Helen Rowland

I came across this quote earlier today and marvel at the insightful nature of Helen Rowland, an American journalist and humorist born in the late 1800s. While I imagine she is describing the process of falling in love with a specific person, it also feels applicable to life in general.

No doubt falling in love is a wondrous thing! It gives us renewed hope for the future, thrilling sensations in the present, and a feeling of being young again. Falling in love can happen at any age. Sometimes it grows like a hopeful flower, reaching gently and slowly for the sun until one day it surprisingly opens into a beautiful blossom. Sometimes love happens in a moment's notice. It's a mysterious thing, but its power is undeniable. The process of encountering that special someone has inspired countless works of art throughout history: paintings, stories, songs, and poetry. Perhaps you've created something in the name of love?!

So how can we harness that power of falling in love and use it to our advantage on a daily basis? How about if we fall in love with life by spending our time with fulfilling work, meaningful connections and activities that bring us joy? What if we remember that every breath we are fortunate to take is a miracle in itself? That may inspire a sense of teenage giddiness! What if we trust love and all things good and allow that to propel us into a hopeful future? That may make our heart race! What if we learn to fully accept and love ourselves first? That would provide a sense of comfort similar to lying in the arms of a lover.

When we uncork our imagination, we find the courage to ask the "what if" questions in a way that encourage us to dream of answers that open a world of possibilities and potential. If we bottle our common sense, even for a moment, we can adjust our vision to see past the obstacles and challenges. Love is beautiful and exciting indeed when we have a certain someone in our lives, but love starts with each of us, in our own heart. First we love ourselves and fall in love with our life. And then if someone does happen to come along, we are open to them at a level that never would have been possible if we hadn't begun at the Source.

So go ahead...uncork your imagination and bottle your common sense and see what happens! It's never too late. Love is calling.....

In love and light,

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