Hello friends! Many of you have been inquiring because I've been out of touch for awhile. I'm well and just taking some time to contemplate life and how best to move forward. I hope you are well too! Today I invite you along on my walk and thought process, exploring a recognition of acceptance.

It’s a gorgeous Fall morning here, with a sun unseasonably warm for the time of day. As I head out for a walk, my eyes are excited to witness the Tree Spectacular, the month's finest entertainment. Today I have a front row seat to the bursting of color. There's a lot of Pine here in Oregon, but now instead of green being the norm, it has temporarily become the canvas for a more diverse painting of the deciduous. Tones of yellow, gold, burnt red and orange provide a curtain for the rays to filter through and dance upon. This awe-inspiring show is a limited engagement. As the hues brighten and fade, the foliage gently lets go, floating away to make room for the upcoming new. (Hmmm, perhaps we might want to talk about change or transition today, but no! I want to stick with acceptance.) As I walk, I know this is my favorite time of year. And then…..

I think about all the beauty that emerges as the Daffodils and Tulips arise, announcing the coming of Spring. Those little orbs of sunshine and delicate star-shaped cups always make my heart smile. With this remembrance, I know that that is surely my favorite time of year. And then….

There’s a stability about summer that I certainly appreciate. I enjoy the bright mornings and warm evenings, yard lights, backyard parties, firepits, and river swimming. Ok, I know Summer is most definitely my favorite! And then…..

One must not be too quick to rule out the stark beauty of winter. Despite a bit of harshness, the damp cold does beg one to cuddle up in coziness, reflect on life and enjoy a touching read. Oh and let’s not forget the twinkling lights of the holidays. Yes! That is no doubt my favorite! And then….

I realize with a knowing smile that my diligent practice of living in the moment has grown by leaps and bounds. Obviously whatever season is in front of me, I have learned to see it as my favorite. That truly is what acceptance looks like!

My distracted thinking has caused an intermission of the beauty before me. And so goes the practice of mindfulness. I guess it’s called “practice” for a reason.

After my walk, I pack an overnight bag as I am headed to the Coast for a couple days, complements of a most generous gift certificate. (Thank you...you know who you are!) When the Autumn chill of the last few weeks forced me to begin wearing warmer clothes, it became apparent I'm a little "fuller" than I was before. For a few days I squeezed myself into those pants, counting the moments until I could return home, remove them and feel sensation again! Let’s just say my determination has finally given way to reality and I purchased a larger size yesterday. I must admit, these new jeans feel good. I can at last move and breathe with ease. And that, my friends, is what acceptance feels like!

As I type now, sitting on the hotel balcony, I observe the power of Mother Nature's incredible demonstration. I wonder again if I am talking about something other than acceptance as the movement of the waves always reminds me of the comings and goings of life. That idea takes my mind to other places, other times. Perhaps acceptance and change are forever linked, making it difficult to talk about one without also referring to the other. Constant companions on the road of life. Yes, that sounds about right.

I've allowed my thoughts to pull me from the present moment yet again. As I tune back into the Spectacular before me, I see the foliage has enlisted the help of the ocean to complete the second half of the day's show. With nothing but blue before me, the roar welcomes and assures.....this is my favorite place to be! 

In light and love,

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